Saturday, September 24, 2011

Signs of Fall

I don't think fall really begins for me until football starts. Not because I eagerly anticipate football games on the weekends, but because my conversations with Chris about what we can do on the weekends start revolving around what time the Redskins play on Sunday. And not only do we build our weekend plans around game time, but also our errands, food, and even sometimes chores. I, on the other hand, build my naps and reading time into game time instead of around it. :)

So as you can tell, fall is here and the Redskins have started out 2-0. We've had rain and cool weather these last couple weekends and I pulled out my first legitimate hoodie the other night for one of Chris' intramural games (yes, he's playing intramural sports - maybe you'll get more on that later!). I made the first cold weather meal of the season this week and I think the air conditioner has been off for at least a week, maybe longer.

Other things reminding me of why this season is my favorite:
- I finally feel like I can start baking again without feeling bad about heating up the house with the oven on.
- Doors and windows are open letting the cool, fresh air in the house.
- When I go out to my car in the morning, there's a chill in the air and when you take a deep breath the air is so crisp that you forget about how humid it was during the summer.
- Chris doesn't complain as much about eating outside on the deck.

I know we'll get a few more warm days here and there and that's just one more thing I love about the fall. I love the sun and the warmth, but it's just so nice to be able to spend time outside without feeling like you're melting!


jennie said...

i agree! it's the greatest time of the year!

Ashley said...

Yay for fall! It's definitely my favorite too, and for the same reasons! I've been baking, watching football, pulling out the hoodies, and leaving the windows open to let in some fresh air :)

Elizabeth said...

it's still in the 90s here during the day, but i was chilly for the first time the other night when i was out at a ranch, so i'm hopeful that fall is coming eventually! such a great time of year :)