Monday, October 24, 2011

Homecoming '11

Last night we got back from a wonderful weekend in Williamsburg for W&M Homecoming. We've been looking forward to this weekend for awhile since lots of friends were going to be in town and we haven't been back in a year! It proved to be just as fun as we were hoping it would be. On Friday we went for a walk and ended up watching the parade down Richmond Rd.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking around campus seeing the places we used to live for four years of our lives. In fact, the majority of the weekend was spent just catching up with each other and walking around campus and Colonial Williamsburg. So much has changed since we were in school - they have built a ton of infrastructure over the last four years. There are some things that have not changed though, which include:
- The bricks - they are still uneven and make you trip when you're least expecting it (though do you ever really expect to trip?)
- There are still random people dressed in colonial-garb wandering the town.
- The sunken gardens are still sunken and the Crim Dell is still opaque. 
- The spirit and community feel to the college are still there and still wonderful.

A few of us ended up with tickets to the football game Saturday, so we were able to enjoy watching our Alma mater play again.

On Sunday, Chris and I went to Chapel (our church home while in Williamsburg) and then had lunch at the Cheese Shop downtown. It was so nice to be back - I am already looking forward to basketball season when we will probably go back more often!


Patty said...

LOVE W&M and LOVE Williamsburg! Great pictures of all of you. So glad you had a great weekend. Go Tribe!

jennie said...

great pictures! i am creating memories surrounding them as we speak :)

love you and miss you!

maggie said...

what a beautiful weekend with so many great, great friends! i love that we all have the same home to come back to :)