Monday, October 3, 2011

A northern VA weekend

It was the first legitimately cold weekend of the season and we spent it visiting both our families to celebrate Chris's and my mom's birthdays! On Friday we headed up to Chris's house early to go to Paradise Springs Winery. It was a gorgeous night and we got to spend it sitting outside on their veranda listing to some live music and sharing some wine. I didn't even get cold :) Bright and early the next morning, a cold front came through. You know it had to be cold out there because Chris voluntarily ate his breakfast outside (by his self, because it was too cold for anyone else to join him out there)!

Though my mom's birthday is still a week away, we celebrated with her a bit early this year. Lauren and I made a cake (as a side note: I have baked three cakes for family/friend birthdays in the last five days - it must be a record!) and we spent the evening playing cards and watching some football. It was a nice, cozy weekend to spend indoors and in sweatpants!

Thanks to both our families for a wonderful weekend! We love you guys :)


jennie said...

what a pretty cake! you have skills.

Patty said...

Beautiful cake! We love you, too!

maggie said...

i'm also impressed by your cake-making skills! so glad you all got to see your family :)

LA-jan said...

I see that the apple does not fall far from the tree in the cake making department! Lovely!