Thursday, October 6, 2011

Place to walk

The house we lived in last year belonged to a wonderful neighborhood with sidewalks, and was even in walking distance to the grocery store. Though it had a whole host of problems (and for those reasons we were glad to leave it behind - though I miss it sometimes!), the one thing that house had that the place we live in now doesn't, is space to walk around. The lack of places to take a walk around here is really its biggest drawback. It seems silly, but we often have to drive somewhere (like campus) to take a walk. The other day we discovered a new place to walk in Farmville. 

Last night we got to walk over to a soccer game (the fields are something we can walk to; there aren't sidewalks to get there and you have to cross a major road - but we do it anyway). I really love this time of year! It is so nice to be able to get outside and be comfortable :)

Also, these little guys live all around and on our apartment building:
We've found them outside on the ground and also up on our deck (and we live on the 3rd floor).


maggie said...

wow! that picture looks like a path to an enchanted forest! are those little salamanders? cute as long as they are outside, not inside!

Elizabeth said...

this is so pretty! i can't wait for some virginia fall weather!

Stina said...

that's the tiniest lizard I've ever seen! I love going for walks, especially in the fall. Looks like that path will be especially gorgeous in a few weeks!!