Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow and tv

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to catch up on some charting at the hospital and I looked up and saw snow out the window! I couldn't believe it! The forecast had called for rain allllll day, but I never thought it would turn into snow this early in the year. Nothing stuck, but it has been freezing ever since. This may not be surprising for some in other parts of the country, but in Virginia, it hardly ever snows in mid-November. I'm hoping we don't see any more for another month...otherwise it's going to be a long winter ;)

On another note, Chris was on tv this week!

Their basketball team had a televised game on Tuesday and they did a segment on the university's new mascot. I haven't seen it yet, but Chris's mom DVR-ed it so we're going to watch it next week when we're up there for Thanksgiving. She sent this picture so we could see what he looked like!


Patty said...

What is that top picture? It looks like a flodding balcony with a dead bird! Way to go chris on TV - #25 - the Lengend lives!

Katie said...

Haha-it's the outside table on our deck with leaves on it. It freezes over every night that it's cold enough and all the leaves freeze into it

maggie said...

i can't believe you got snow! ugh! I'm not ready for that yet. Congrats Chris - go lancers!

jennie said...

that mascot is ripped! chris you're kinda a big deal.