Friday, December 16, 2011

Boxes everywhere

We picked up our storage shed this morning and unloaded our cars into it. By the end of this weekend, we will be completely out of our apartment and our stuff will be in this shed until we find a new place! As you can see, we've made a pretty fair dent in packing prior to this weekend. We have gotten confirmation that our apartment here has renters (yay!), so we will start looking for a new place more diligently now that we know we have the freedom.

The house we are staying at for the next month is on a little lake...probably the nicest house we will live in for a loooong time, so I am glad we're getting this opportunity! We'll have to take advantage of the scenery while we have the chance.

We are both getting very excited to spend a week at home relaxing with family...only a week and a half until Christmas!


Patty said...

Anwer to prayer that your apartment rented - God is good! We love you both and are praying for you this weekend. Good luck with your move to the Burg and we can't wait to have you home!

jennie said...

yes so good that you have renters!! find a place quickly after Christmas so i can come visit :)

maggie said...

so, so happy to hear that things have fallen into place and you can have a happy, relaxing christmas season!! Happy moving day!