Thursday, December 15, 2011

Move/school/job update

Well, Chris and I have both finished our semesters, thank goodness! That is just one less thing to have on the agenda during the holidays and this move! I'll be honest, I checked out of my semester while we were home over Thanksgiving break and Chris found out about his new job. It has been hard to get silly assignments accomplished while we have other, more important things on our plate. It was a good semester, but I think we are both glad it's over. While I enjoyed the units I was working on and learned a lot, I am looking forward to spring. It will be interesting to make the switch to a mother/baby unit, where for the most part, people are healthy! I have never had a healthy patient before, so I am looking forward to it.

Chris has had a busy first week of work so far. He's had events in Richmond and D.C., and around that schedule he's been trying to get all the details of his new job like parking passes, computers, phones, etc. figured out. Tonight there are home basketball games we will both be going to, and then I think that's it on the events for the week. I have yet to see his new office, so maybe I'll get around to that this week, too :)

In terms of the move: today I am spending the day in Williamsburg, getting a headstart on research into places to live. We are getting a truck this weekend and moving all of our stuff into storage until we find a new place. We have a lot of our stuff packed up already, so it shouldn't be too big of a process. We were lucky to have found a place to house sit through January, so we are not in too terrible a rush to figure out our new situation :) I think that's about it on the updates!

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Patty said...

Great to see Chris and have him greet us at the event on Tuesday!! Good luck with the hosue hunt!