Monday, January 16, 2012

Orientation over

I finished orientation for my new job just in time for the new semester to start back up (tomorrow). I'll still be shadowing at work for a couple more weeks until I am independent, but thank goodness most of the meetings and training sessions are over. I know it's all important information, but since I've been at the same hospital in a different capacity for the last 8 months, a lot of it was very redundant and therefore, hard to sit through. There was a code on my unit during my orientation phase, which freaked me out a little because I've never been present for a code before, but everyone was pretty efficient and things turned out well. I was told that coding on our unit is a fairly rare event, so hopefully there won't be any more of those any time soon. 

So far I really like my new job. It is very fast-paced and busy pretty much all day long, but the time passes so quickly. I am generally on my feet the entire day and the first shift starts at 5:30am, so by the end of the week I was pretty exhausted. I won't be working full time though starting this week, so thankfully I won't be getting up that early every day :) 

Chris and I are both looking forward to the near future when we find a place to live and we can get our stuff out of storage and start to settle here in Williamsburg. We feel like we're still in transition (because we are) and though we're thankful to have the time to look for a place, we're ready to be settled. We spent the majority of this weekend looking around town and will hopefully make a decision on something soon. It's been a looong process already and one that I think we're both ready to move on from. Hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend!


jennie said...

glad to hear you like your job! how many hours will you be working a week?

Katie said...

Well my clinical schedule changes a little bit from week to week some sometimes I'll be able to work more than others, but probably only like 8-24ish based on the week

jennie said...

nice- i'm sure the weeks with 24 will be ridiculously busy!

maggie said...

glad to hear you survived orientation and best of luck as you begin the job AND go to school! I hope you and Chris find a home in Williamsburg soon :)