Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I'm enjoying about house sitting

1. Having a garage - especially on days like today when it's pouring rain outside and also on those early mornings. I am very happy that for at least this month, I will not be scraping off my car windshield before I leave for work :)

2. Pretending we are rich - we are living in a big house in a nice neighborhood. I have a garage door clicker and someone even came to clean the place once last week! It's not that hard to make the jump to feeling like we belong here :)

3. The location - I love walking and part of walking around the neighborhood takes you through the vineyards of the nearby winery. It is so pretty, and so far we've had pretty decent weather for walking on the weekends, which has been fantastic. Plus, there is a lake in the backyard, and there is a high probability that Chris and I won't be living on a lake again anytime soon after we leave here, so we should enjoy it while we can ;)

4. Simplicity - it's easy to decide what you're going to wear in the morning when 90% of the clothes you own are in a storage shed across town...though I have to admit, I am starting to get a little tired of the things I've been wearing this last month!

5. Freedom - it has been significantly more difficult than I anticipated to find a place we are happy with renting for the next couple years in our price range. Ideally, we would love to find a place we can stay in until we are ready to buy something, but since that may be a little while, we are very thankful to have these six weeks to really explore everything that is out there right now.

So there you have it - the joys of our house sitting experience! As nice as it is to have this situation available to us though, we can't wait to find a place of our own and settle into town. Hopefully we'll figure all that out in the next week or two!


maggie said...

those are definitely some awesome perks! glad you are enjoying the current place as much as you can -- and hopefully you'll find your new w-burg home soon!

Patty said...

Great post. That yard is awesome - those Nandina are GORGEOUS!!

jennie said...

perhaps you could find a place on beautiful lake matoaka? glad that it has worked out thus far and can't wait to see what the new place will be!

LA-jan said...

Good luck with the house hunt, but current digs lookin' good!

Catherine McPherson said...

Yeah for awesome, free housing no matter how short the stay is!;) good luck in the house hunt...we miss y'all!