Sunday, February 5, 2012


We (but really only Chris) moved all our furniture into the apartment this weekend and we are in the process of unpacking and setting everything up - so no pictures yet since the place is still pretty messy. I did, however, come across this picture I took last summer of someone moving into our old apartment complex back in Farmville. Instead of walking their stuff out of the truck, around the corner, and through the front door, they put the truck's walkway up over the balcony and pushed their stuff into the apartment. Pretty creative, if you ask me, and it probably saved their backs a bunch of work. I wanted to remember for the next time we moved, in case we had a similar balcony set-up for our move...our stuff ended up coming in the front door again, though :)

In the meantime, while waiting for pictures of the apartment, you can enjoy these pictures from Norfolk:

We went to Norfolk last weekend for a basketball game/event for Chris' work and since we didn't have quite enough time to drive to the beach, we walked down to the river so I could at least see some sand. The event went really well, but the Tribe ended up losing the game. We had a great day though despite that!

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jennie said...

that it some creative moving- i like it! and i can't wait to see the new place!