Monday, February 27, 2012

Stuff from my week

There's a deal that Tropical Smoothie offers here in Williamsburg - that if the Tribe scores over 65 points in a home game, you can get one of their smoothies for $1.99 with your game ticket. That's more than 50% off, so you can bet that Chris and I have been enjoying some smoothies recently. Unfortunately, home games are now over (the CAA tournament is next weekend in Richmond) so I will have to wait a little while for my next one.

Recently we have been getting a bunch of things fixed around our apartment. Part of what has hindered our fully settling into this place is some of the things that just aren't functioning all the way. For example, three of the four electrical outlets in our bedroom, one in our living room, and one in the hallway weren't working. It is a little difficult to read in bed when your bedside lamp won't turn on, or to check the time in the middle of the night when you can't set a clock :) Anyway, we had the outlets and our washing machine fixed on Thursday, and this coming week we are getting a new refrigerator. A few more things will get squared away in the near future, but overall we are making some great progress - thankfully our landlords are very kind and willing to take care of all this stuff. The one setback we had recently; however, was due to the county. The county had to fix a few underground waterlines two weeks ago, so our parking spot now looks like this:
It is not fun when it's raining. We are not sure when this one will be taken care of - but I am crossing my fingers for soon.

This week, Chris and I joined the Williamsburg chapter of the W&M Alumni Association. We figured it would be good for us to meet some of the alums in town and also good for the networking portion of his job. We went to a wine tasting at the Blue Talon in Colonial Williamsburg and had a great time meeting some new people, both young and old, who had a passion for the same things we were passionate about.


jennie said...

it seems like ya'll have some poor luck with underground waterlines and your housing situations. hope it's all sorted soon!

Patty said...

So glad you have nice and responsible landlords who want to take care of their property! they are lucky to have you two.