Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last night as I was leaving the hospital, the craziest storm was picking up in Richmond. I literally ran the half a mile from the hospital to my parking garage in a downpour with thunder, lightning, and wind that felt like it could pick me up off my feet. By the time I got to my car, I had to change into a spare pair of scrubs, after I dried off with a t-shirt I had in my bag. I then drove home barefoot because my shoes were sopping wet. With the amount of lightning I saw on my way home, I'm surprised I didn't burn my retina or something.

Anyway, last night was one of the nights I was extremely thankful that I was only driving 50 miles home on a major highway instead of 77, part of which was on hilly, one-lane roads (like I was doing to Farmville). Though I don't get to drive into the sunrise and sunset every day since I'm heading the complete opposite direction, I still get to see those in my rear view mirror sometimes. In addition to saving me gas money, wear and tear on my car, and about an hour of commuting time each day, there is another good thing about now living in Williamsburg: I have a carpool!

I met a few girls earlier this year that also commute to Richmond from Williamsburg and now two days a week, we drive together. It is awesome - I am not paying nearly as much as I was to fill up my gas tank every week and the time passes by so much quicker when you are with other people. Also, since Richmond is one of Chris' main locations for work travel, he has twice been able to arrange his schedule so that we could ride together. I still don't think I will want to keep this commute up come December (when I hopefully will find an RN job), but it definitely makes it much more do-able and pleasant.


jennie said...

so glad you made it home safe! and so happy you now have people to carpool! williamsburg is awesome

Patty said...

That is awesome you found a carpool - so much better with friends! Hope your shoes survived.

Dorothy said...

That is fantastic! What good news for you and your carpool friends!

maggie said...

awesome work on the carpool! that has gotta make your trips so much better! I'm so happy for you guys :)