Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Madness - Final 4 Update

And then there were 4.  This weekend produced some really competitive games that went down to the wire.  I hope you all had the chance to root for your teams.  If you didn't, no need to fear, because here are the standings going into the final weekend of the tournament.  If you all remember from last year, Stina already had the championship locked up before the championship game even started, so it was a pretty uneventful final weekend.  We don't have that problem this year, as 4 different people are still alive to win this prestigious pool.  Below the standings are the winners for each of the possible scenarios.  Congratulations to Eric H., Maggie E., Paul D., and Jessie S. for still having a chance to win.  I hope that you cheer hard for your teams so that you can receive your prestigious tribute blog post.

Current Standings (* means you can't earn any more points)

Total Max Possible
Stina C. 83 99
John & Dorothy H. 80 96
Katie S. 79 95
Maggie E. 76 124
Alex H. 75 91
Paul D. 75 123
Eric H. 73 137
Rob S. 73 89
Jonathan G. 73 121
Jennie T.* 72 72
Ashley H.* 70 70
Liz K. 70 86
Paula D. 67 83
Chris S. * 66 66
Michele F. * 64 64
Lauren H. 64 112
Jessie S. 64 112
Cassidy J.* 63 63
Patty S. 62 110
Ryan J. 61 109
Bob S. 56 72
Erika S.* 46 46
Ashleigh S.* 44 44

Scenarios for who will win the Championship:
If this Happens Winner
Kentucky over Ohio State Eric
Kentucky over Kansas Paul
Louisville over Ohio State Jessie
Louisville over Kansas Jessie
Ohio State over Kentucky Eric
Ohio State over Louisville Eric
Kansas over Kentucky Maggie
Kansas over Louisville Maggie
Good Luck!


Erika said...

way to make a jump katie!

Aunt Paula said...

Three attempts ... still no blog post. :(

Patty said...

Ditto on what Paula said...

maggie said...

woah, this is a first for me! go Kansas!!! Impressive showing for the second year in a row, Stina!