Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness - Sweet 16 Update

And that's why they call it March Madness.  After a relatively tame start to the tournament on Thursday, the whole thing got turned upside down on Friday.  Two fifteen seeds and a thirteen seed all won within a few hours of each other, and just like that, brackets were busted.  That said, it's still a relatively close race for the title at this point.  Stina C. and Ashley H. were our biggest movers in round 2, with 13 and 12 teams still remaining.  Below are the standings after the first weekend.  We'll have an update for you next week once the Final 4 is set.

Also, Katie and I discovered this video last week after my original post went up.  Syracuse has a senior named Scoop Jardine, and this video is of a little kid who does not want Scoop to leave.

Alex H. 47
Paul D. 47
Stina C. 47
Ashley H. 46
Maggie E. 44
John & Dorothy H. 44
Michele F. 44
Jennie T. 44
Paula D. 43
Cassidy J. 43
Patty S. 42
Chris S. 42
Liz K. 42
Ryan J. 41
Eric H. 41
Rob S. 41
Ashleigh S. 40
Jessie S. 40
Lauren H. 40
Katie S. 39
Jonathan G. 37
Bob S. 36
Erika S. 34


Patty said...

Umm...there's a huge family connection at the bottom there! We'll adopt Lauren. Glad we're sticking together! Where am I on here? Could I possibly be Patty D? I'll take it!

Chris said...

Ha not sure how that happened. Fixed now

Katie said...

I am doing horribly...