Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's blue

We had a lot of things to get done around the house this weekend, and since it is the first weekend of March Madness, it ended up being a great excuse for Chris to be inside near the tv :) For the most part, he would only watch two games at a time - one on the tv and one on the computer, but if I ended up needing to use the computer for something, he would pull up his phone and start watching on that, too. (Which means when he got the computer back, there were occasionally three games playing at once. I don't even know how you concentrate on three things at once!)

On Saturday, Chris and I planned our diet around eating mostly green food in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We started out with pancakes in the morning (with green food coloring)...

...and ended up making guac later, because you can put lots of green things into it :)

Fun fact for the day: Did you know that BLUE is the color initially associated with St. Patrick's Day (St. Patrick's blue) and GREEN became associated with the holiday later during the Irish Rebellion of 1798? Read about it here.

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Patty said...

Love all the green! My favorite color!