Thursday, April 5, 2012

College tour

Chris' sisters are finishing up their junior year in high school in the next couple months so are starting to look at college options for the future. They came down today to take an official tour at W&M. I did my best to convince them this is the best place they can possibly choose, but of course, they will make their own decisions when the time comes. :) 

Unfortunately it was a bit cold and overcast and even started drizzling near the end of the tour, but fortunately this campus is gorgeous regardless of the weather. Plus, they got the unique opportunity of meeting President Reveley (president of the College) as he happened to be walking back to his house as our tour group passed.

It just so happened that my parents' old neighbor was also on the tour with her daughter, as well as another couple with their son from my hometown that attended the same high school as's a small world. Anyway, it was pretty fun to take an "official" campus tour again and listen to our tour guide's college experience and perspective on a place that is so close to my heart. 


Patty said...

LOVE W&M! Awesome spending the night and today with you - thank you!!

jennie said...

wow what a great pic of Reveley! tribe pride tribe pride tribe pride

Stina said...

can't believe they're looking at colleges! my they grow up so fast ;)

maggie said...

haha, reveley looks so distinguished! hope they enjoyed the tour! i can honestly say that the awesome tour guide I had convinced me to go to W/M... so grateful!!