Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Paul D Tribute Post

As is our tradition, here is a tribute blog post to the winner of this year's NCAA pool.  In no particular order, 10 things about our winner:

1. This year's winner was my Uncle Paul, or Paul D as he is known in these standings.  Not to be confused with Pauly D.  Note the differences:

2. In one of the least creative brackets of all time, he picked the favorite in every single game of this year's tournament.  That's right, he picked 0 upsets.  I felt as though this was a pretty lame picking method but I guess you can't argue with results.

3. He is a pretty good cheerleader:

4. He is a massive Boston sports fan.  In the mid 90s, he bet me $10 that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl within the next 2 years.  They didn't, so I became $10 richer.  Since that time, the Patriots have made the playoffs almost every year and won 3 Super Bowls, while the Redskins have been a massive pile of failure.  But let's take a look at the old cash scoreboard: Me - $10, Him - $0.  I win.

5. He served our country in the army and took intimidating pictures such as this (bottom right):

6. He and his family are moving into a new house this week, so coupled with this tribute blog post, it's got to be a top 5 all-time week for him.  Maybe top 6.

7. His son was the ring bearer in our wedding:

8. During my playing days, whenever we played in Boston, he would heckle Coach Shaver to put me in the game.  It actually worked one time with about 30 seconds left.  I believe my stat line for that game was 0+ minutes, 1 foul.

9. He is a pretty good synchronized swimmer.  That's not a joke - it's a site to behold.

10. He was front and center for one of the greatest family photos of all time on the Tower of Terror at Disney World:

Congrats to Paul on his win and having bragging rights for the next year.


Paul said...

That is right, UNCLE PAUL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now will live in infamy. But to set the record straight, I picked the favorites this year for the first time in my life. BUT, I did believe kentucky was going to win it all. AND, I picked 3-4 play-in games right and that had nothing to do with rankings.

I also saw two home games for you and heckled coach Shaver then too. I have an awesome set of screaming lungs.

See you in two weeks. You can use some of that invested $10 to buy me a large Bruster's Cookie Dough ice cream...

Aunt Michele said...

GREAT Post Chris and great Response Paul!!! So funny! I'm so glad you will live in infamy!!!!

Patty said...

Ha ha ha - this makes getting our very own blog post a top spot in each of our bucket lists!! It's way at the top of mine! Awesome post for an awesome guy! I'm quite sorry there are no pictures from synchronized swimming, but if I searched my files enough...thanks for the reminder (though how could I forget) of how he used to heckle Coach Shave and make me break out in a total sweat! Uncle Paul rules!!

Aunt Paula said...

Great post, Chris! Congrats to Uncle Paul. I so want a blog post, but I fear it will never happen ...

Katie said...

This is hilarious. I only wish you could add in a synchronized swimming picture.

Aunt Michele said...

AH, I found a synchronized swimming photo, but couldn't attach... Too BAD!!! I'll send it by email!