Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Cool" neighbors

I spent the weekend working on painting that table we bought (months ago, it seems like), and will take pictures to show the progress later this week...not because it's done, but because it's taken so long that I truly can't predict when I'll get around to giving it another coat of paint. I had a lot of time yesterday to work on it because Chris had a meeting and then had to work at an event during the afternoon. One of the tasks he had for the afternoon event was to bring the alcohol for a picnic. He rented a keg (which they do for several of these outdoor-type events because it's easier), but a couple hours into the game it started sure enough, when he came home he was lugging a giant, half-full keg into the house.

The next morning after we got back from returning it to the place he rented it from, the teenage son of one of our neighbors introduced himself for the first time and started talking about how it was nice to finally get some "cool" neighbors that are the same age as him and had seen our keg last night and had been considering "coming over for a cup" but decided against it. I did not correct him by saying that we actually graduated 4 years ago and were probably at least 6-7 years older than him, or that we didn't buy the keg to have a party, but went inside letting him think we were "cool" people. I definitely didn't mention that this is probably the closest I've ever been to a keg and don't even really know how to work them.

Also, this past week had a few nice days and we ended up walking through CW (Colonial Williamsburg) after work in the evening. Lots of tourists, but I love it - everything is so pretty down there. There are quite a few private residences down there, but it seems to me like you wouldn't have much in the way of privacy living there. I love the houses, though, so I could probably compromise if they offered me one :)


jennie said...

oh you crazy teens you. that is a fantastic story!

Patty said...

This is so funny!! I'm glad to know some "cool", party people! When you get that house in CW, make sure you have enough room for me!!

Elizabeth said...

This is fantastic. I'll try not to ruin your image when I visit!