Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring semester over

Well - I'm finally done with my spring clinicals. Since my last updates (womens, peds), not much has changed. I did get to see a cesarean section...and since I don't want to scare anyone and know that the outcome is typically good at the end of that surgery, all I will say Hope I don't have to ever have one, but I guess at least you get a healthy, happy baby at the end.

I had the mother of one of my past pediatric patients chase me down when she saw me on the street in Richmond to update me on her kid and their progress. I was very touched because I had only been with them for 8 hours on one day and didn't think I had made that much of an impression. I also got to spend some time in the pediatric emergency department and in the NICU; the latter being an awesome experience, and the former being eye-opening to say the least. What you and I would consider an "emergency" is probably not very much in line with what some of the patients and parents I saw consider an emergency. At least it was interesting! The NICU was also interesting - lots of tiny, tiny babies needing a lot of love and care and some not so tiny babies, also needing lots of love and care.

I've got a couple more weeks of class and finals and then it'll be back to an adults clinical for the summer. I am definitely looking forward to taking some vacation time around my school schedule this summer...starting with a girls weekend with some of my best friends in just over a week!


jennie said...

good luck on your finals, and hooray for our reunion in one week!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I feel like the time has gone by so fast, but i can't picture you being anything but a nurse now...your patients are certainly lucky to have you! See you soon :)

Dorothy said...

It says so much when someone your helps reaches out to update you. You are already making in difference! Enjoy you reunion week!

maggie said...

congrats on finishing another semester!! hooray for girls weekend :)