Thursday, April 12, 2012

More of Easter

I know I only shared pictures from the sunrise service Easter morning at the Lincoln Memorial, but we were actually able to be home the entire Easter weekend, starting out in Leesburg, and then heading to Lorton on Saturday evening. I didn't take a ton of pictures - sometimes I always seem to forget when I'm at home, but we ended up having a great Saturday celebrating Easter a bit early with my family. We grilled out and my mom made a delicious cherry cobbler.

On Sunday (after going back to sleep for a couple hours following our early wake-up), the girls (including me) participated in an Easter egg hunt. Chris and his brother Rob hid a bunch of eggs outside and we did our best to find them all - I guess only time will tell though if we left a few out there. We were able to eat an early Easter dinner with the entire family before having to head back home.

It ended up being a really fun weekend. It was actually the first time since Christmas that Chris and I were both able to make the trip up to northern VA together, so we were really glad to take the opportunity to see both our families.  


jennie said...

did you hide plastic eggs or hard boiled?

Katie said...

plastic - so at least if we left some outside they won't start rotting :)

Aunt Michele said...

I'm glad you didn't get the one with the frog in it!!!

maggie said...

that grilled shrimp and cobbler are making me hungry! what a beautiful easter weekend!!