Monday, June 4, 2012

Yorktown Maritime Weekend

This weekend Chris and I went to the Yorktown Maritime Weekend. We randomly happened to hear that you could tour military boats and old pirate-looking ships there, and since we hadn't been down to Yorktown since moving back to Williamsburg we decided to check it out.  They have a pretty decent beach there on the York River and the weather was awesome, so we headed out for the day. We toured the Godspeed, the Lynx, and  the US Army's Chickahominy.

Aboard the Godspeed: The Godspeed is a replica of a ship that sailed in 1607 to found Jamestown Settlement (and is depicted on the Virginia state quarter).

Aboard the Lynx: The Lynx is a schooner based in New Hampshire that sails with students teaching American history. In fact, there was one student aboard who was staying on the whole summer and was headed to Newport, RI next.

Aboard the Chickahominy: The Chickahominy sails for humanitarian missions (they were in Haiti after the earthquake and New Orleans after Katrina) and hauls weapons/supplies for the Navy. 

Other ships that we didn't tour: Enduring Freedom, and the Spirit of Bermuda.

It was a pretty cool event and a great excuse to be outside all day! I'm glad we ended up hearing about it in time :)


Dorothy said...

What fun!

jennie said...

wow those are amazing! i like the "creed of the bridge"

Ashley said...

So fun! What a cool spur-of-the-moment weekend activity!

maggie said...

aaww... this makes me miss the historic triangle so, so much! thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!