Saturday, August 11, 2012

California pictures

Just wanted to share a few more pictures of my brief trip to California...

My family in front of my Grandma Eleanor's house:

My great Aunt Dorothy (my grandma's twin) surrounded by a handful of her grand-nieces and nephews:

A quick trip to In-N-Out for lunch right after we arrived:

Mountains and palm trees. I LOVE getting off the plane and seeing mountains! You don't get that here on the East coast of Virginia.

St. Christopher's: where my grandma's service was held and also where my parents were married in 1981. I was able to do a reading at her service, and I didn't mention it before, but my uncle and one of her nephews also gave very touching eulogies.


jennie said...

love the picture of your Aunt Dorothy with all the nieces and nephews! and that's really cool you were able to do a reading. i'm sure it was beautiful.

LA-jan said...

Thanks Katie. I love your pictures!

maggie said...

i love these pictures -- the mountains are so stunning! So glad you got to spend this time with your family!