Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grandparents visit

My grandparents came to visit this past weekend! They hail from Texas so it was quite a treat to have them around for a few days. They were surprising some friends who were vacationing here and from what I understand, it was quite a surprise! We went to Jamestown one afternoon - a place I've actually never been on land, only by river.

We also went to Bruton Parish Church, which is very pretty on the inside.

And of course, we shared many meals.

It was great to see them and I was sad to see them go! They have a bit more time on the east coast before they head back and I was very glad that we were a stop on their journey :)


jennie said...

yay! so fun! wow I don't think I've been inside of Bruton Parish Church since I was a kid- what a travesty!

maggie said...

it is so sweet that they came to visit! love all the history you went to see!

Dorothy said...

What fun, and glad you could share in the celebration of Kathy and Bill's anniversary! G&G are always fun!