Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy equinox

Part of the reason I have gotten a little slack in posting recently is that I've been doing so much writing for class-related things that I just don't feel like writing anything else, and the other reason is because we haven't been doing much with our free time besides going to sporting events! Last weekend we went up to Maryland to watch Tribe Football take on Towson.

We went to a soccer game earlier in the week, and tonight another football game at home. Weirdly enough, tonight's game involved a lightning delay just like last week's. From what I understand, game delays based on thunderstorms have hardly ever happened and now it's happened twice in our first two home games of the season.

In other news, it is officially fall - a fact that I had to confirm using google, because I can never remember when the equinox is. I love fall despite the fact that it reminds me that winter is coming (game of thrones, anyone?). Time to start thinking about pie baking and pumpkin picking :)


jennie said...

hooray for fall! i think we're going to have to do a Carter's Mountain trip!

Ashley said...

Winter is coming!! It was 34 degrees in Chicago this morning. 34 degrees. Don't worry, it will be 79 tomorrow, but still. Fall has arrived!

maggie said...

boo to the fact that winter is coming... but i am loving fall! especially since now we have great big windows that can be opened! this is the best sleeping weather.