Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who glued these quarters down?

Last week I paid homage to my late middle school/early high school self by watching my favorite movie from that time period in my life: Empire Records. I was reminded of it as I was driving home from work when a song from the movie's soundtrack came on the radio and I realized that I hadn't watched the movie in years. The reason? Because the only copy I own is on VHS.

At one point I remember trying to get some of my college roommates to watch the movie with me since Kayla and I still had a tv with a built-in VHS player our freshman year. I can't remember what kind of reception it received, but I believe that was very likely the last time I watched it.

I hopped on Netflix and sure enough it was available! Not really a shocker as it is a 17 year old movie. I loved this movie when I first saw it and later when I hit high school and got a job working at Pacific Sunwear after my sophomore year, I loved it even more. Why? Because I, too, had a lovable screw-up of a manager named Lucas. My manager did not steal $9,000, but he did enough to get himself fired on at least one occasion. I don't know the details of his re-hire as I was just a lowly sales associate in my years at the store, but he popped back up and was just as endearing the second time around.

On the Netflix version there were even a few scenes that I had never seen before - a product of owning a VHS copy with no menu screen from which to select "deleted scenes." Besides those "new" scenes, I still find I can quote most of the movie by heart...not something I can claim for anything I watch these days..!


Lauren said...

Love it! This movie always reminds me of you :)

Ashley said...

I totally remember watching this movie with you in college and really liking it! So fun that you rediscovered it :)

jennie said...

Yes! I remember watching it with you as well! I definitely enjoyed it!