Monday, October 29, 2012

Homecoming on campus

This weekend was Homecoming here at W&M. We didn't have too much going on besides the football game on Saturday, but it was fun to walk around campus and run into a few people that we hadn't seen in awhile. Since Chris had to work the football game, I ended up picking up a small side job to work, too. I still got to watch the game, but it was from up in the press box instead of in the stands with friends. I'm posting this picture of my all-access pass because I thought a couple people might appreciate my "title". I think this pass was one lying around the department :)

We went to the Homecoming parade on Friday and then walked around campus afterward. Since we didn't have a bunch of friends coming into town this year we didn't spend quite as much time doing Homecoming stuff but it was a great weekend.

Now, like the rest of the east coast, we're battening down our hatches for hurricane Sandy. It's been raining steadily since last night, but nothing that would seem like extreme weather. Everything is already shut down for tomorrow, so we're planning on just hanging around the house and enjoying our day off. 


Ashley said...

Hahahah that pass is hilarious. Glad you guys had fun!!

jennie said...

oh my gosh keep that pass forever....that is incredible!!

maggie said...

i love it! Did you get to show them some new moves?? Glad you all got to enjoy some Homecoming Festivities -- always sad to miss them!

Stina said...

wow that's awesome! glad you got to enjoy all the fun!