Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Pictures

We've been home visiting family for a few days and have spent time decorating cookies, playing games and enjoying each others company. We all tried to be ready for Christmas early this year so that no one would have to disappear upstairs to wrap presents and we could maximize hang out time. We were fairly successful :)

We also did our annual pyramid...wondering how many more years we'll be able to keep this up!

We got over to Chris' family's house on Christmas morning and I realized I didn't take a single picture! We played lots of games there, too, took walks, went to Chris' old high school to check out a basketball game which we missed the end of due to a fire alarm and having to evacuate the gym, watched movies, and had a bunch of his friends over one night. It was a pretty busy and relaxing week home and we were really glad to have the time off to spend with family.


jennie said...

umm you have to do your annual pyramid now....forever. the people have come to expect it.

maggie said...

i agree with jenster! looking at your pyramid picture is now one of my christmas traditions!