Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our year in review - 2012

This year was incredible as we settled back in the place we truly feel is home. We are two very blessed people: in our marriage, in our friendships, in our families, in our community, by one amazing God. For past years, check out the following: 2011201020092008.

January: We spent the month house sitting in the Vineyards and shopping for an apartment. I started a new job, we went to see the Natural Bridge and just enjoyed our first full month living in Williamsburg.

February: We settled into our current apartment, went to basketball games, and visited family.

March: We attended the Love & Respect conference at our church, had our first visitors to our new apartment, and a lot more basketball.

April: We participated in Serve the City in Williamsburg, got an unofficial new family member, Mr. Smeckles (who unfortunately doesn't come around much anymore), spent Easter with our families, family came to visit, and watched the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial.

May: I had a ladies reunion weekend with my college friends, we refinished a table, we visited our moms for mother's day, I finally finished my book list, we watched planes take off at Gravelly Point, and spent Memorial Day at a lake.

June: We explored a bit more of Williamsburg, went to Yorktown's maritime weekend, and my mom and sister came down for a weekend visit.

July: We visited Charleston for our fourth wedding anniversary, celebrated the fourth of July, enjoyed the James River, visited home for a late father's day, and Chris met Tim Tebow.

August: My wonderful grandmother passed away so I ended up flying to California, we celebrated my birthday, we took a weekend trip up to Cape Cod for a reunion, and went to the beach in Emerald Isle, NC.

September: Football season began and the travelling that entails, my grandparents came to Williamsburg to visit, and we celebrated Chris' birthday.

October: Erika and Jonathan got married!! The Dalai Lama came to campus, we visited family for my mom's birthday, and my cousin Sarah came to visit us in Williamsburg from Arizona.

November: We celebrated Thanksgiving and had the annual Turkey Bowl, there was a presidential election, Chris went up to New Hampshire for football and got to visit with some family, and we had more visitors.

December: We went to our first Grand Illumination since college, I graduated nursing school and accepted a new job, I went up to NYC for the day with family, we had another weekend reunion with my college roommates, we enjoyed doing all the fun colonial Christmas activities in Williamsburg, and spent the White Christmas with our families at home.

As you can see, it was a wonderful year filled with family and friends. We worked hard, accomplished goals, and did our best to keep our priorities in order. Here's to 2013!


jennie said...

i love this post! so cool to see your past year and all that happened!

Patty said...

What a wonderful post! How cool you have a record of each of your years!

Dorothy said...

You two stay so busy! What a wonderful productive year!

maggie said...

thanks for sharing your year with us! So glad I got to see you guys a few times --- cheers to 2013!

Aunt Michele said...

I'm just catching up... Wow what a year! Good for you Katie, what a great way to record your lives and share it with us all! And I'm so happy we got to share some of those times!!! Have a wonderful New Year, Best Of Luck in your new job when you start...And in your boards! I know you will do well... God Bless