Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paul F Tribute Post

As is our tradition, here is a tribute blog post to the winner of this year's NCAA pool.  In no particular order, 10 things about our winner:

1. This year's winner was my cousin Paul.  It's the second straight year that we've had a winner named Paul.

2. He is a triplet.

3. In addition to his brother and sister, he also shares a birthday with his dad.  That's a lot of birthday cake for one day.

4. He has an excellent Ninja Kick (3rd from left):

5. He was very consistent with his picks through the whole tournament.  He got 3 in the play-in round, then 20, 20, 20, 16, 32, and 32.  His 143 total points was the highest score we've had in the 5 years of this pool.

6. He was in one of the greatest family photos of all time on the Tower of Terror (far left middle row):

7. We took a tour of Fenway Park together:

8. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Upton tweeted at him once:

9. One time when we were kids, we were on vacation in New Hampshire and we were playing at the pool where his family was staying.  I took a deck chair into the pool and so did he, then the owner of the place came up and started yelling at us.

10. Dude is a baller:

Congrats to Paul on his win and having bragging rights for the next year.  

Final Standings:
Paul F 143
Rob S 114
Paula D 113
Katie S 110
Liz W 105
Erika G 105
Bill F 97
Alex H 92
Chris S 83
Ryan J 83
Jennie T 82
Bob S 80
Ashley H 78
Michele F 72
Stephen W 66
Jessica S 63
Cassidy J 52
Maggie E 51
Patty S 50
Christina C 44
Ashleigh S 37


Rob said...

One day I will rise from the 2nd place ranks....

Patty said...

Ah, my awesome Godson wins the pool! This apparently can only ever be a dream of mine, to win a blog post! Congrats to Paul F and there were some great memories in this blog post. Sorry, Robert.

Aunt Michele said...

YEAH For my son!!! Congrats Paul!!!

Aunt Paula said...

I just saw this now. Too funny! Hey, I came in 3rd!!!!!!