Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It is gorgeous around these parts lately! Yesterday was pretty much perfect - mid-70's, warm in the sun, and a nice breeze in the shade. I am really trying to enjoy it right now because I know how hot it gets around here in the summer, and seeing as how I'm going to be pretty large during the hottest parts of the year, I know I'm not going to enjoy it as much as I usually do. Chris has a bunch of golf events in the coming weeks so we headed to the driving range so he could get in some practice.

We're also taking advantage of walking through Colonial Williamsburg, campus, and around our neighborhood while I still have the energy and the heat isn't too bad yet. Unfortunately spring seems to be pretty fleeting here; months of cold and then all of a sudden very hot, but I am enjoying it while we can!


jennie said...

yes this weather seems to go from cold to nice to hot very quickly! i sure am enjoying the warmer temps, though!

Patty said...

It's like summer has arrived! Nice-looking golf swing, Chris (from a non golfer)!