Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 29

Well now I'm actually starting to wonder whether this baby is a boy or girl. I didn't really care much to know earlier, but registering for baby stuff this past week has certainly made me more aware. Almost everything is slanted toward boy or girl, which surprises me since a lot of stuff I would assume gets re-used between kids. I am more into plain-colored things but it seems like everything is themed! I have had numerous people come up to me stating, "you are definitely having a boy" or "you are definitely having a girl" and sometimes I wonder how they are so definite when I have no idea!


jennie said...

you're looking great!! and yeah i'm surprised they don't have more gender neutral!

maggie said...

love all the random people who have such strong opinions! which one do you get more - boy or girl? I'm sure Baby Strat will love whatever you pick out for him/her :)