Saturday, September 21, 2013


When she was two weeks old, we introduced Eleanor to the bottle. Knowing that I'd be heading back to work eventually, and more selfishly I just wanted other people to be able to feed her as well so I wouldn't absolutely always have to be there, we knew this would be a necessity. She took the bottle with no hesitation and it has worked out fantastically since then. Now every evening, Eleanor gets bonding time with her dad before she falls asleep for the night, which is good for all of us!

This little girl loves her time with her daddy!

And a couple random videos of her being her. The first one is what she does pretty much all day long when she's not swaddled and the second is her sneezing:


Patty said...

Such a good girl! Her legs look like they are starting to fill out!!

Dorothy said...

So sweet. Those arms still just flop around with no control. I can see why she likes to be swaddled! Love the Daddy time!

maggie said...

She looks so relaxed in Chris's arms! So sweet!