Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eleanor's first road trip

Two weeks ago we decided to road trip with Eleanor up to visit her grandparents and meet her Uncle Eric! One of Chris' best friends from high school was getting married near my parents' house so it was a great weekend to do it. We stayed at Chris' parents' house while Chris had some work events and meetings in DC and Eleanor decided to be a volcano for a couple days and spit up like crazy on Auntie Erika and her grandmom.

After that we headed to my parents' house for the wedding. She got to meet Uncle Eric and Duncan right away and Eric got her her very first hockey stick!

Since the wedding didn't start until the evening, we had the whole day together. We decided to take a walk downtown and it ended up being a great day for it. There was a fine arts festival going on so the streets were closed off for cars and my mom knew of a little place called Shoe's Cup and Cork where we could get some lunch. The restaurant had a secret garden in the back with awesome umbrellas, a patio, live music, and a bocce court. It was probably one of the coolest hidden treasures I've ever been to in town. I can't wait to go back!

For the wedding that evening we left Eleanor with the family for a few hours. I only stayed for the ceremony and cocktail hour and then picked Chris up at the end of the reception. When I got home from picking up Chris, I found the baby and babysitter sleeping on the job :)

Eleanor did great on this trip and I am hoping she continues to be a good traveler because next week I am braving the road by myself to take her to meet the aunts she hasn't met yet! 


Stina said...

so glad I got to see you guys during your visit! such a cute pic of Eleanor and Lauren at the end! proud auntie right there!

Patty said...

Love the picture of her sitting at the top of the stairs, and sleeping on Lauren (so sweet) and the wedding pics!

maggie said...

so sweet! I'm glad she was good for you guys - lots of road trips in Eleanor's future!

Dorothy said...

I am excited for her aunts to meet her and for the JMU experience!

jennie said...

what a great road trip! looks like you're almost ready for a trip to Texas!! :)