Monday, October 7, 2013

What we've been up to

As you can probably imagine, we've been taking tons and tons of pictures of Eleanor these first weeks of life and I have been so busy that I haven't had time to keep up here posting on what we've been up to. So here is what I would consider a "catch up" on the last couple weeks from the house and around town...fairly random, but this is what we've been doing!

We've been spending lots of time sitting on our back porch because it's been unseasonably warm for fall. Apparently that is supposed to change soon, which I am ready to appreciate. I will be singing a different tune soon I'm sure, but I am getting a bit tired of 80+ degree days. I love, love, love the temperature the evenings have been though - mid to low-70's - cool enough that Chris doesn't mind being outside!

Since E and I have been spending lots of time sitting on the couch, we occasionally get stir-crazy. A couple weeks ago Chris had an after work meeting at a local Starbucks and we begged him to pick us up on his way so we could tag along and just get out of the house for an hour. Here is E and me pretending not to know Chris while he meets with someone for work over my can hardly see him because of the glare. Also after E wakes up after being in the moby wrap (which deserves its own post!), she is done and tries her best to escape, as evidenced by the picture below. She flails her limbs about until she gets her head and arms out.

Chris has been doing his best to fix stuff on his own around the house. I haven't been working these last 6 weeks and we've been trying to save money by taking care of stuff without calling in professionals. So far he's been very successful - I love it! He had to replace the window motor and regulator on the driver's side door of his car because it broke in the down position. He also did something to our toilet (which I didn't really follow, because it seemed fairly complicated) because we had water leaking all over the floor for weeks. It's been about a week since he fixed it and so far, no more water on the floor!

A new frozen yogurt place called Menchies opened up in Williamsburg recently. One night they had a promotion where you could fill your cup with whatever you wanted for $1 and it was fantastic! It is very similar to Sweet Frog - self-serve, lots of flavors and toppings. When my cup was filled it was approximately the size of Eleanor's head :)

I haven't really been able to cook much since E was born except for dinner on Chris' birthday, which did not go well, but I have been able to do a little bit of baking. Baking is easier because I can do it any time of the day and don't need 30 uninterrupted minutes, so as soon as she starts to nap I can run into the kitchen and get something done. It seems like around dinner time she is constantly needy and not only have I not been able to cook, but I have gotten almost expert in eating one handed while caring for E with the other hand. Otherwise I would starve. I've made granola a few times and I baked pretzel rolls one day because my brother-in-law Jonathan recently started working at The Pretzel Bakery in D.C. and I got a craving! By the way, Happy Anniversary to Erika and Jonathan who are celebrating 1 year married today!!

If you follow sports, you probably already know that basketball season is officially underway now. On the first day of practice, E and I went to visit Chris at work. She got to meet a few of his co-workers and we swung by briefly to see how practice was going. I know she will probably not want to go to W&M if we live here her whole life, but that certainly isn't going to stop me from making her a die hard Tribe fan.

Besides that, we have spent hours just sitting with Eleanor trying to get her to smile and talk, and just admiring her cuteness. 


Erika Garber said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

That picture comparing your ice cream to her head is amazing!

jennie said...

oh my gosh so cute!! love the tribe pic!

Dorothy said...

I love the first picture of her looking up at you. Sweet!

LA-jan said...

Great post, you busy mom!
I'm with your mom, I love that first picture, PRECIOUS!

maggie said...

yes, that first picture should be framed! beautiful! you are certainly one busy little family!

Ashley said...

Love all of the cuteness :) Also, I'd love your pretzel role recipe!