Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visits from family and friends

Eleanor has had a lot of visitors over the past few weeks. My high school friend who moved across the country drove down to meet her while she was back in Virginia for a week, a few of my nurse friends have come to see her, friends from Farmville stopped by to meet her when they were in town, and of course, all my local friends have met her. Over two weeks ago now my cousin Heather and her kids also drove to VA to meet her and visit Williamsburg while they were at it. It was great to have them here...especially because they also cooked for us ;)

This weekend E & I are heading out to visit her last two aunts that are away at college who haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet and then she will have met all of her official aunts and uncles. The following weekend we are going to the wedding of one of my college roommates and she will finally get to meet all my best friends from school there. It will be a busy time, but hopefully she will do very well!


Dorothy said...

Looks like fun!!

jennie said...

she's a little social butterfly! can't wait to meet her!

maggie said...

can't wait!!!!