Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Basketball season begins!

Football season is currently winding down around here with just one game left and then the playoffs, but basketball season has just started to get underway. We went to the Tribe's first game down in Hampton a couple weeks ago and Eleanor seemed to enjoy it. Basketball games are much more manageable for her because they are indoors and shorter! As you can tell from her face, she is really enjoying the game...

I was a little worried the noise in these indoor arenas would bother her because it can get fairly loud, but she really hasn't seemed to mind. The only time she's gotten upset so far is when her dad started yelling about the shot clock not running. She doesn't distinguish between yelling at refs and yelling at her, clearly :)

Eleanor is quite the hit right now among the season ticket holders around us, but I imagine that will only last another week or so because there are two friends who sit in the row behind us with babies due this week, so once those babies join this world, E will be old news :) This is a picture from the gallery from the game v. Liberty last Tuesday night. She's famous! She's sitting with our head coach's wife in this picture.

And, as always, all the activity tuckers her's what she looks like by the time we get home from a game:

There's another game tonight, so hopefully she'll be well rested and cooperative for it.


Patty said...

I love these pictures! She is so adorable!! Tribe pride!

jennie said...

umm your face is amazing in that picture "don't you steal my baby"