Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October wrap up

Last month I put up a post of what we had been up to around town - essentially just to post a bunch of pictures I had still wanted to put up. I think I may start doing that regularly for awhile because as October came to a close I realized I still had a bunch of random pictures I wanted to share. So here we go, a wrap up of what we've been up to in October...

Perhaps the biggest development of the month is that Eleanor is now old enough to go to the nursery at our church. She's gone for a couple weeks now and has done really well as far as we know. This was practice for daycare, which started this week. Also, Eleanor had her first alone time with dad this month so I could go to a baby shower for a friend. Since then she's stayed with Chris while I volunteered at a church middle school event and while I hosted a girls' dinner for our friends both for a few hours at a time and has done well.

We have been trying to get Eleanor interested in her jumper. She is still a little small for it, but despite the fact that she doesn't do a ton of jumping and prefers to either eat the side or take a nap in it, she doesn't totally hate it. The video shows the extent of her "jumping" these days.

I am trying to get E to be an avid reader by taking her to the library and reading her books during the day. So far I don't notice a difference :)

Occasionally if she is still wide awake at bed time we'll let her hang out in bed while we read until she starts to get sleepy.

Since the weather is getting colder, Eleanor now wears a lot of hoodies, and they are adorable! We are also now bundling her up to go outside in her stroller and she is pretty darn cute all wrapped up.

We took E to The Caf on campus for the first time. This is a W&M campus dining hall and Chris had a couple meals on his card so we went together one night. Campus dining at its finest.

These days when E is waking up in the morning, she flails her arms and legs so much that she escapes her swaddle. It is pretty adorable :)

E is still spitting up a couple times a day and despite having burp cloths all over the house, it still occasionally catches me unaware. It is gross.

We baked our first apple pie of the season for small group one Sunday with apples a friend brought from their apple picking adventure. It was absolutely delicious and totally gone within minutes. 

We installed a ceiling fan with light, and by "we" I mean Chris. As it starts getting darker earlier (daylight savings this past weekend, ah!), we realized we wanted more light in our living room and though it took at least twice as long as the box promised to install, it is now in and working well.

Poor Eleanor has to suffer through me taking pictures of her during a melt down because she is just so darn cute when her face gets all red while she's upset. It is both heart breaking and adorable.

Other than that, we have, of course, done lots of cuddling and lounging around the house. She is also smiling like crazy, which has been so much fun to see.

So those are the more mundane things we've been up to this month. Hope you made it through the barrage of pictures!


Ashley said...

Hahaha this a great post! Love all of the pictures, and that you are catching so many of these early moments and memories :)

maggie said...

these pictures are so great - and some are just hilarious! I love experiencing all the little moments in the life of E!

Dorothy said...

She still looks so tiny in the jumper. fun to see all the different moments of the month!

Elizabeth said...

thanks for posting so many pictures! Eleanor is very advanced, and I'm sure she'll be a champion jumper soon!

jennie said...

yes i love all these pictures! oh my gosh she is so cute bundled up like a taco