Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lights and cards

We've been doing our thing getting ready for Christmas with Eleanor in tow. We're celebrating early this year with our families because I am working on Christmas day, so our Christmas season is even a bit shorter than it already was going to be with a late Thanksgiving. Our lights went up the same day our tree did, and we ordered cards to send out a few days later. Most have gone out thanks to Chris' persistence - a feat that I doubted would actually happen this year. We figured we should though, as it was a big year for us. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, Eleanor joined us, and we bought our first house - not that I wrote those things on our card, but we still figured we should try to get them out to commemorate the occasions. I particularly wanted to send her picture out to those who don't do well with the internet. I didn't send out baby announcements, so I figured this was as good a time as any. Eleanor "helped" me write a few.


LA-jan said...

Your lights are so lovely!

Good to see that Eleanor is so helpful! ;-))

Elizabeth said...

i'm really impressed that you decorated and sent out cards! love your lights!

maggie said...

E is such a helper! hah! your place looks great all lit up! Love the white lights :)