Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Town

Busch Gardens turns into a magical Christmas wonderland between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year called Christmas Town. This year Chris's work party is going to be at Christmas Town, so they got everyone a ticket. The price for a one time admission is the same as the price of a Fun Card (unlimited admissions), so we, of course, have been going every opportunity we've had. I love the Christmas spirit and Christmas Town offers live performances, a roller coaster, food (including hot chocolate and s'mores), carolers in England, a Christkindlmarkt in Germany, light shows (Eleanor loves these), Santa at the North Pole, penguins in France, and a bunch of rides for kids in Italy (but not for "hand held infants" per the signs - maybe next year, Eleanor). Also, it snows in Christmas Town and that is something we are often lacking here in Williamsburg! So far Chris and Eleanor and I have gone twice with friends and we are planning to go again today for his holiday work party.

Carolers (I felt like I was in a Dickens novel):

Visiting the North Pole:

Taking the sky train over to France to see the penguins:

Chris and me on the Verbolten:

I already can't wait to go back, and I highly recommend visiting Christmas Town if you come to Williamsburg at Christmas time!


LA-jan said...

What a Christmas extravaganza!!

maggie said...

wow - all those lights and sounds must be lots of fun for E! We'll have to come visit for Christmas next year!