Monday, January 6, 2014

December wrap up

Better late than never, I guess! Here are a bunch of random moments from our month of December. The first picture is the cutest though, so if you don't make it past that one, it's okay:

Fun times with her dad after a bath:

Right before getting her shots at her four month check up:

Her first Christmas gift arrived at the beginning of the month from Aunt Holly and Uncle Mike and we enjoyed it all month long. As I mentioned before, she is really into grabbing stuff, so that sheep in her hand ended up in her mouth pretty quickly.

We went back to Christmas Town for Chris' work party and did different things this time. We saw the Clydesdales, rode the train, saw a new show, and took turns riding a couple rides.

Awhile back I did a post about Eleanor's crazy hair, but her hair has just gotten longer and crazier.

Eleanor is still enjoying daycare - this is her favorite swing.

Chris took Eleanor to visit Santa one weekend and she predictably seemed rather indifferent.

Eleanor is still sleeping well and in all manner of places when she gets tired. We had a week of lost sleep because she came down with bronchiolitis and was wheezing and had wet lungs for awhile, but we are past that now and she is doing better again.

We also stopped swaddling her for the most part because she often looks like this in the morning:

I played my highest word score that I can think of in words with friends - I know it is random, but I don't play much anymore so it was impressive to me.

A store employee randomly gave me flowers at the grocery store one day while I was picking up some things.

Eleanor reacts to shuffling a deck of cards. Since it took approximately 4 months to see this reaction, you can probably guess we haven't been playing many games of cards recently...

My cousin Heather flew in for a couple hours to pick up the new member of their family and we came along for the ride. Eleanor seemed to be okay with animals approximately the same size as her.


Ashley said...

These pictures are awesome! I am especially impressed by your Words with Friends score and Eleanor's fantastic hair :)

Stina said...

Love the pics of her smiling...she's becoming a real person! Can't wait to see her (and you guys) again!

Dorothy said...

I am with Ashley, very impressed with that Words with Friends score. Love that hair picture and all the others too. Great pictures!

Patty said...

That hair!! And I love the advent calendar! Adorable pictures.

jennie said...

AMAZING pictures! gosh her hair is awesome