Friday, January 24, 2014


We got a few inches of snow here in Williamsburg this week, which honestly, is incredible. In a total of over six years living here, I think this is the most snow I've seen. I am happy about it because January and February always seem so dreary after the holidays without snow. We seem to get at least a dusting every year, but it's always exciting when we get more. We introduced Eleanor to the snow and she at first seemed like she couldn't care less. Then she got a bit cold and we brought her inside because we don't have any gloves, boots, or snow pants for her. The pants she wore outside were 2T size that we folded in half so she'd be double-layered over her leggings.

She's showing off her newly acquired sitting skills...Chris was nearby to catch her though. The expressions on her face depict just how she feels about this new experience.

We tried to get her to make a snow angel, but she wasn't having any of it:

Our house in the snow:

This much snow gave Chris a delay going in to work, so we were able to go out together in the morning after a leisurely breakfast of chocolate chip scones. It was a great and relaxing morning :)

Two days later the roads are still fairly icy in places in our neighborhood. The neighborhood never got plowed, and neither did many of the main roads that were not highways. Coming from northern VA where we occasionally get a couple feet of snow at a time and there is a very clear salting/plowing plan, I was surprised. I didn't have to go back to work until yesterday, but I still skid through a stop sign onto another road (in our neighborhood) driving at about 10mph. It's still very pretty though!


Erika Garber said...

Haha, I love her facial expressions while sitting up ni the snow!!

Patty said...
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Patty said...

These pictures are wonderful! I love her faces sitting in the snow! And I still want a chocolate chip scone!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful snow pictures! She looks so cute stuffed in that jacket sitting there with her tiny fingers touching the snow. And I agree with Patty, those scones look delicious.

maggie said...

haha, love E's expressions here! That's how I feel about snow too, Eleanor!