Monday, February 24, 2014

Another check up

On Friday Eleanor had her 6 month doctor's appointment. Half of me can't believe she's been with us half a year already, and the other half of me feels like it's unbelievable that she's never not been with us.

I'll post some pictures of her at 6 months old as soon as I can take them and post her stats, too. It helps me remember to have them written down :) Recently I looked at pictures of myself at 6 months old and am realizing that she looks less like me than I thought! She is far cuter than I was at this age. My hair was thicker, but hers is longer than mine was. Her face is a lot more rounded, whereas mine was more oval. Perhaps if I am able to get a scanned picture of myself and Chris at 6 months, I'll post them all for comparison - but that's a tall task so I'm not sure if it will happen. For now, just enjoy this cutie:

Also, she took her 6 month shots like a big girl - some tears because of the needles and the shock of it all, but afterwards there seemed not to be any residual pain or fussiness like there was the two days after her 4 month shots. Much better this time around - thank goodness for that!


Dorothy said...

Glad the shots were not too traumatic for her. She is so cute and six months has gone my so quickly!

LA-jan said...

What a trooper!
She's shows her personalitly more and more with each month of pictures! So fun to see!

Patty said...

Such a happy little girl; so loved.