Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babies and basketball

Sadly for us, the basketball season is starting to come to a close. I probably mention this every year, but college basketball is really the only thing that gets me out of the house on a regular basis during the cold winter months after the holidays. January and February (particularly around here because snow is rare) are just dreary. Everything is dead and gray outside so we spend most of our days inside where it's warm in front of the fireplace or drinking hot chocolate. Once or twice a week, basketball games force us out to campus and provide some excitement for us - plus Eleanor loves them, as well as all the attention she gets from her slightly older game friends. Here are some pictures from the game this past week.

One particular friend likes to give Eleanor kisses on her cheek before he goes off to flirt with the ladies his own age. We'll be watching out for that one in the future ;)

Another one of her older friends let her borrow their pom pom (it had an elastic that went around her wrist) and she was completely fascinated for at least 20 minutes.

There was also a diaper derby (essentially a baby crawling race) at halftime. Babies had to be between 6 and 12 months old, and sadly, Eleanor just missed the cut. Her friend Hannah was in the race though so it was still very fun to watch :) Maybe in some future year we'll have an appropriately aged participant!

Anyway, I'm hoping after the season ends in a couple weeks (or hopefully not for another month..??) that the weather will just suddenly get nice so we'll be able to spend more time on the back porch, which we've completely avoided these last three months or so. Even if it does though, it's sad to say goodbye to this season every year!


Dorothy said...

I really enjoy those games too! Eleanor will have that pom pom flying next season and charming all the little guys. Go Tribe!

Patty said...

Adorable pictures and love her with the pompom. Cute outfit! Go Tribe!

Patty said...

And what was the "prize' for winning the diaper derby?