Friday, March 7, 2014

Girls weekend

The first weekend in March, most of my college friends were able to come into town to have a girls weekend. One of our group is expecting a baby in a couple months and she is not a big fan of showers, so we did a fun group activity and some gifts to celebrate her and the baby instead of a traditional shower. We decided on Wine and Design - a place where you bring your own food and drinks and get to paint. It was so much fun :) Obviously the wine portion of the evening was a bit more downplayed for some of us due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, but the atmosphere was wonderful.

As it always is, it was so refreshing to have a weekend together with all the girls. Even though it was coooold outside, we spent time in Colonial Williamsburg and on campus hanging out.

And obviously, the most important woman of the weekend: Maggie! We can't wait to meet your little one in less than two short months!


jennie said...

it was so so so good to be together!! thank you Katie for having us in Williamsburg!!! tribe pride forever.

Patty said...

Beautiful ladies, inside and out!

Dorothy said...

So happy for Maggie and the new baby to be! Glad you were able to all enjoy this time together.

maggie said...

what an amazing, refreshing weekend with everyone! Thank you so much for hosting us and putting together such a special time! Can't wait for you to meet Baby E(steves)!!!