Friday, March 7, 2014

February wrap-up

This month is always a short one and I'm finding I have less and less time to post the older Eleanor gets and the more of my attention she demands. On top of that, she has recently been sick which has made her a bit needier and also cuts into my "get things done" time. Despite all that we've done lots this month though most of it has been mundane.

We've done lots of laundry folding.

Eleanor's new favorite thing is to spend her time on the kitchen counter in the bumbo (our friends gave this to us a couple weeks ago and it's been wonderful) watching us cook or do dishes. One time she knocked over the knife block when I wasn't paying close enough attention, and another time she got at the paper towels. She is industrious.

We've tried lots of new foods, including carrots and broccoli.

Eleanor and Hannah started baby book club and had their first meeting this past month.

We got a care package from our friends in Germany that included a bear and songs for Eleanor, as well as chocolate for Chris and me.

Eleanor tried on a bonnet to be cute and Williamsburg-like :)

We've gone to the park to swing whenever it's nice out.

Eleanor went to her first friend's birthday party.

Chris fixed the headlight on our car by essentially taking multiple pieces of the engine out to replace the bulb, only to realize afterwards that the bulb wasn't a problem and we only had to replace a fuse...bummer.

Eleanor has done lots of sitting and playing in her crib and room.

She has also gone on some dates with several of our friends who have helped us out for a couple hours watching her while Chris and I were both working. Recently she got to go on a picnic outside the Wren Building. A HUGE thank you to all our friends who help out when we need a little extra help!

She also got to go on a double dad date with our neighbors while I was working one day - I was bummed to miss out on this one but Ashley sent me lots of cute pictures like this one:

Besides that, Chris had the annual Lord Botetourt auction for work and started a new job (!!), still at W&M but doing less weekend/night work - which was getting increasingly hard to juggle between both our schedules. February blew threw quickly, and despite the snow we had this week, we are eager for spring. Eleanor's winter coat won't fit much longer and she is as tired of wearing it as I am of putting her in it :)


jennie said...

so so cute! It was so fun to see her in person! She is awesome!

Patty said...

I love the baby book club!

Dorothy said...

The baby book club is great! What a wonderful month.

maggie said...

she is getting so expressive - I love it! Thank you for sharing all these great pictures for those of us who don't get to see her every month :)