Monday, April 28, 2014

Grandma visits!

Last week Grandma (my mom) came down to visit! She came on Friday, which I had off work and just happened to be W&M's last day of classes for students this semester. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we spent just about the entire time outside doing yard work (my mom brought her chainsaw down for us to borrow) with a short break to visit Chris on campus and walk around Colonial Williamsburg for ice cream. She got to do all the standard Eleanor stuff like read her a bedtime story, witness a nap melt-down, feed her some lunch (in the car on the go, because we were late due to the nap issue!), and even give her her bottle since we were out and about at the time. Eleanor even helped her grandma with some of her work in the morning while I got ready for the day. May not sound like such an exciting time, but I would put money on that being an awesome day when I (one day) am a grandma. 

This girl is getting very big and active, but there were still snuggles to be had - or at least Eleanor's version of them, which involves sweetly putting her head down on you and then lifting it up and bashing it back down several times trying to find a comfortable spot while flailing her limbs. Grandmas don't mind that kind of thing though :) This girl is getting spoiled with all her visitors! Thank you for coming to visit, Grandma!


Dorothy said...

So VERY wonderful be there. I think story time was my favorite but every moment was fabulous!!!

Patty said...

Lucky Grandma! I can't wait until I get my turn!! Wonderful pictures.

Ashley said...

You got some great pictures! What a fun visit!