Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lauren visits!

My sister came down last weekend to visit for THE WHOLE WEEKEND! It was glorious. We hung out on the back porch eating bruschetta on Friday night while Chris was at the annual basketball banquet, and then Saturday we spent the entire day outside. We went to the farmer's market in the morning where I bought some tomato plants and basil, and then we headed home to do some planting. We put poor Lauren to work in the backyard the entire time she was here...planting, raking, bagging leaves from last fall (we actually completely ignored the yard since last August because I was super pregnant and then Eleanor was a newborn and then it was winter...essentially there is a whole lot of stuff to do and we aren't really sure where to start). Since I only have every other weekend off and it tends to rain on a few of those, and our family likes to see us on a couple others, we haven't had any time to get to the yard yet until last weekend and hence Lauren got put to work. It was a great weekend to be outside!

I planted my tomatoes in an Earthbox - a gift I got for Christmas last year. I'm hoping the weather doesn't freeze them out since I guess we planted early (who knows these things??). I think I assumed everything you needed came with the kit, and it doesn't, so needless to say we had to take 3 separate trips to the store to get these things planted. It was an all day affair. Lauren and Eleanor (big and little Elle Jay!) had a great time together, especially when Lauren let her play in her water cup. Playing with water is basically Eleanor's favorite thing right now - I think she just really doesn't get how it works yet so it's fascinating still.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then Lauren headed back home. Thank you for coming Lauren!! Please come back and maybe we won't work you so hard next time ;)


Patty said...

Yay for visits, spring, yard work and home-grown tomatoes! Good luck this growing season!

Dorothy said...

I am going to come and eat one of those tomatoes!

jennie said...

Love big and little Elle Jay! So glad ya'll had great weather!

maggie said...

I can't wait to get my garden planted, too! Here is PA we can never plant anything before mid-May - so I'm jealous you'll have fresh tomatoes that much sooner!