Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring in the land of the colonists

The last few days in Williamsburg have been gorgeous and we have loved spending them outside. Even if most of that time has been spent doing yard work, it's still been wonderful. I'm so tired of bundling Eleanor up in 6 layers just to walk her around the neighborhood so she isn't cooped up inside all day, so I'm sure you can imagine how nice it is to just drop her in her stroller and go. She loves being outside because it's so stimulating for her - grass, wind, trees, noises. I hope we get lots of days like these in the coming months.

Yesterday we took Eleanor down to Colonial Williamsburg for a walk with a change of scenery and it was great. The last weekend I had off work it rained the entire time so this is really the first spring day we've been able to head down there together. The lambs are here (and are fairly big already!), and this year there is even a baby ox.

Much of the historic area (like our backyard) still looks as though it were fall due to leaves still covering the ground, but if you pay close attention you can see the leaves on the trees beginning to open up, and there are flowers everywhere.

Happy spring!


Elizabeth said...

I love CW spring! So glad you got to enjoy some outside time!

Dorothy said...

Woohoo! Warm weather and little wiggly toes in the sunshine. I love the picture of her in the stroller!

Patty said...

So glad you get to enjoy beautiful Williamsburg! Great pictures!

maggie said...

such a happy baby enjoying CW! Beautiful!