Monday, May 5, 2014

April wrap-up

Random pictures from the month of April...

Eleanor got her first pair of legit jeans (even though they are white with red hearts on them) and when we went to the park one day, she carried my cell phone around for me in her back pocket :)

This girl loves going to the park. She still mostly just sits and talks while she's there. I just thought this picture of her was perfect for capturing her personality.

Eleanor visited up close with the ox in Colonial Williamsburg. Scary!

Snuggles with dad before bed.

Eleanor's first art project at school: gorgeous foot butterfly!

One of this girl's favorite things to do right now is play with the remote control for the fan in the living room. She usually accidentally turns the fan on while she's playing with it and then she looks like this for the next 10 minutes.

We've got to take advantage of all our free time these days to get our house and yard in shape, so this is what Chris does to mow the lawn while E's sleeping and I'm at work:

Our flower beds are full of weeds, so I spend a lot of time outside weeding on my days off. Eleanor likes to "help" weed, too. She usually bunches up the blanket until she can reach the grass and then pulls it all out. I can't really blame her because she is just copying what I'm doing: pulling stuff out of the ground.

A new development over the last two or three weeks is Eleanor's ability to scoot backward (but not crawl forward). Essentially she just keeps going backward until I either stop her, or she gets stuck somewhere. I started her out in the middle of that blanket while I was weeding one day, and in the two pictures below that, she got stuck behind the tv stand and a chair.

We took Eleanor to her first baseball game and the Tribe Club Oyster Roast this month. She loved it. No oysters for her, but she did eat lots of peppers.

My mom let us borrow her chainsaw for a little while after she came down to visit and we went to town on the back and side yard. There are lots of things called "suckers" (or officially: basal shoots) that grow near trees and bushes and we had tons...everywhere. We cut a lot of stuff down. We cut down an entire bush only to find out it was a tree stump with these suckers growing off it. Less is more, friends...less is more.

Now onward to May!


Dorothy said...

So cute to see E clap her hands! And the picture snuggling with Chris is wonderful.

Patty said...

I could comment on every one of these! They are priceless! The butterfly...melt my heart. The iphone in her pocket, the snuggles, that adorable little eyelet skirt and the fan picture is too funny! Thanks for posting pictures of our funny little girl! And yay for yardwork!

Mr.T said...

She is so cute scooting around and that little skirt is adorable!

Love these monthly updates!

Elizabeth said...

love her big girl jeans!