Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Eleanor and I were trying to come up with a good gift for her dad's first father's day! Since it's father's day, I feel it is totally acceptable for me to brag about what an awesome dad she has.

As everyone close to us knows, Chris does a lot more than most dads have to do just by the nature of my job. Three days a week it is him and Eleanor against the world since she wakes up after I leave and goes to bed before I get home. He picks out her clothes, changes diapers, feeds her breakfast, takes her to daycare two of the days, and on the third day stays home with her all day. He makes dinner for all three of us each of those nights. He takes her on walks, to the farmer's market, and on trips around town. They go to the park, and during her nap on the weekend, he typically mows the lawn. He reads her books and teaches her fun tricks - the current favorite is giving high-fives. He picks her up from school when she's sick or hurt and stays home with her. I mean, he is seriously super dad. 

On the other four mornings a week, typically he gets up with Eleanor and they play and have breakfast together for an hour before I get up around 7:15. When he gets home from work those days, he usually takes over so I can make us dinner. Eleanor seems to have lots of fun with each of us individually, but loves when we are all together.

Anyway, all of that is just a fraction of the stuff he does for her (and me), so we wanted to come up with something to say a little "thank you" to him on his first father's day. We decided some pictures for his office would be a good daily reminder for him of how much we love him, so here are the ones we settled with:

And, of course, the outtakes, because obviously taking pictures of a 9-month old holding a sign is not a perfect science:

Happy Father's Day Chris/Dad!

And Happy Father's Day to my dad and Chris' dad (aka Shug and Papa Laser), and to my grandpa (aka WGFP, short for World's Greatest Fighter Pilot) and the granddaddies that are no longer with us! Other great examples, without which we, and Eleanor, wouldn't be where we are today! What wonderful men we are blessed with! We love you!!


Dorothy said...

Oh my! What a fun Father's Day card! Happy First Father's Day to you Chris. You are an amazing Dad!

Patty said...

I agree with Dorothy and Katie - you are an amazing Dad, Chris! These pictures are so perfect! What a sweet and wonderful idea, Katie! (So glad you put the outtakes up, too)!

maggie said...

such sweet pictures of Eleanor! You could do this every year and have a series :) She is one lucky lady to have Chris as a dad!

Elizabeth said...

these are some of my favorite Eleanor pictures! love you all!

Ashley said...

Such a fun idea! Chris is a great dad indeed!